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I am very thankful for the great quality of service and treatment that Dave, Jason and Joe provided me, as they had provided my husband last year after he had knee replacement surgery. Recently I fractured my shin bone just below my knee and my leg was in a splint for a month and I had to use crutches then a walker. I could bend my knee some but not without some and walk a little, but it was difficult. I felt like my left leg was hollow and I had to drag it around. After 3 weeks of caring, customized therapy, I could walk and move naturally without pain or stiffness and resume all normal activities. Core Rehabilitation I's the perfect place for truly professional therapy.

-Joyce S.

I am not going to lie…when If first started treatment I was in a lot of pain and limited with body motions. My pain level was at an 8 of 10. I thought PT wasn’t going to help, and might be a joke!

Then I was informed of other injuries that were overseen before – put on a personal treatment plan that was designed especially for me.

Wow! My mind is blown at how much it has helped me. I still suffer from mild pain (level 3-4). I’m able to tolerate the pain as long as I don’t over due it.

Over the 12 treatments with Jason and Joe, I can now move again. I take the knowledge that they’ve taught me! Thank you, Joe, Jason and Tillie! Amazing

-Cindy P.

My experience here at Core Rehab has been challenging but – it has been wonderful too! The staff here is very caring and professional. They make sure that you live up to the expectations you have coming in. At first, it was difficult to run, jump, cut, and even stretch. But with their dedication and commitment everything I asked for was achieved. The consistency was the biggest part for me and my mobility is now more fluent. God led me here for a reason, and I thank him for doing just that. I couldn’t have enjoyed my time here anymore… Thanks to the Core Rehab Team – I can now continue my journey to the NFL and include them in my story of greatness!!!!

-Dominique B.

Joe and Jason are amazing. I wouldn’t be where I am physically without their help. I have been trying over a year to figure out my calf pain. Joe was able to help with pain and…after one treatment I found freedom from pain. I will come back here again if I need it! This has been the best PT I have had outside of Moffitt.

-Donna A.

When I first came to Core, I could hardly walk on my left foot. It was damaged, aching, and very painful. They worked with it. Loosened it (it was very tight) and now I am walking better and feel better. I thank Core for working with me!

-Clara M.